Hello beautiful people. My name is Bel and I have a passion for all things that have to do with beauty, relaxation and “wellness”. I won’t say I am obsessed but I love the feeling a good spa ritual or a refreshing outdoor or indoor experience in the terms of relaxation and being one with nature and oneself brings. It is extremely mind-blowing!!!!!

I used to work in the banking sector and I believe you guys know how stressful it is working in the Nigerian banking industry. I had constant migraines, body aches and was constantly in and out of the hospital. I had to discover ways and methods of distressing so that I could cope with the everyday hassles of the bank and life in general and put a stop to the health challenges I was experiencing so as not to go completely insane or experience a breakdown.

That was when I discovered the holy grail of spas. The massages, steam therapy, facials, water therapy etc were practically the greatest discovery for me akin to the discovery of oil in regions never expected to have oil.

I have long since left the banking industry but still love the overall feeling a spa ritual gives and have discovered other ways to relax (one can’t frequent the spa all the time every time); ways that involve little time and energy and money but make you alive to your senses and help bring about complete wellness both in mind, body and spirit.

Remember that “wellness is much more than the absence of disease”, so here’s to you and a life full of beauty, balance and purposeful direction in whatever environment you find yourself!!!!!!!!!!!

I have other passions like make up and skincare hence the establishment of my company: GlamBeauty By Bel.

GlamBeauty by Bel is a budding home service business that offers beauty services tailored to your particular needs. We provide skin analysis consultation, facials, steam therapy, body treatments, detox programs, eyebrow shaping, make-up application and makeovers from the comfort of your home or any exotic location where the services will take place.

We encourage the use of a mix of organic products along with modern beauty products for our treatments.

We offer personal makeup training to individuals who are interested in learning how to apply basic makeup.

We also sell beauty products for your individual needs.

Welcome to my world!!!!

Bel xoxoxo


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