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Beauty and the Alpha Male

by Bel on January 21, 2017

It is estimated that over 85% of the salon industry revenue comes from the women population though men’s interest to walk into a salon or spa has recently seen a major rise. Earlier, only celebrities looked beautiful. Today being well groomed has become a lifestyle. To look good, one not only has to be well dressed but pay equal attention to hair, maintain a healthy skin and take care of the most exposed skin such as face, hands and feet.

Pollution, stress and an imbalanced lifestyle is an everyday word that affects one’s skin and hair, be you man or woman.

Salon business is not about catering to women only; now men and older generations are becoming more conscious and focused about enhancing their looks and their appearance according to new market research.

“This development is largely driven by our increasingly visual society where good looks are often associated with success” according to a report by the market researcher, Canadean.

This opinion was more prevalent among a younger demographic, with 65% of 16-24 year olds subscribing to this notion. However, baby boomers were not far behind: 60%, of those aged 55 and over shared this view.

These results reflect how image-consciousness is playing a huge role with men and baby boomers showing a narrowing of gender and age disparities in the beauty market.

Sales of men’s skincare products increased from 453 billion transactions in 2011 to 557 billion in 2015, reinforces the growing attention men are paying to their appearance.

Still, reports indicate that women are still 1.3 times likely than men to feel pressure to look good. The marketing research company cited the selfie culture as a key driver behind the rising focus on appearance.

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