Wellness Moments

Wellness is the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.(Dictionary.com)

Wellness is defined as a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential. Wellness is multidimensional and holistic, encompassing lifestyle, mental and spiritual well-being, and the environment. It is positive and affirming. www.nationlwellness.org

8 dimensions of wellness

It also defines applying wellness as:

  • How a person contributes to their environment and community, and how to build better living spaces and social networks
  • The enrichment of life through work, and its inter-connectedness to living and playing
  • The development of belief systems, values, and creating a world-view
  • The benefits of regular physical activity, healthy eating habits, strength and vitality as well as personal responsibility,self-care and when to seek medical attention
  • Self-esteem, self-control, and determination as a sense of direction
  • Creative and stimulating mental activities, and sharing your gifts with others

From the above definitions on applying wellness in the Nigerian perspective, I have discovered that the application is on the increase mostly related to individuals and very few corporate bodies or companies.


There is an increasing crop of young Wellnesspreneurs  in Nigeria who are taking responsibility for their physical and mental health and also contributing to their environment and community as well as sharing their gifts with others.

You can verify this by scrolling through Instagram and other social networks and websites to know how successful and popular these Wellnesspreneurs are becoming.

A few examples of those whom I follow on Instagram are: @sofreshmarketng, @sofreshlypressed, @majikjuice, @naija_juicer, @ourmaneconnection, @mobilespatherapist, @9jafoodie, @bathkandy, @mariesvegg, @houseofmerola, @wellnesshubng @foodace, @mygreenapron, @askdamz, @shopajali, @roliorganicessentials, @nellies.ng @guiltfreekitchenng, @eatcleannigeria, @greengrillhouse, @shreddergang @adura_o, @promotingfitness.


Most of them produce heart-healthy, weight loss foods, some healthy juices and smoothies, some are weight loss and nutritional coaches, a couple produce organic, handcrafted skincare and hair care products while some provide information on where to find these lovely Wellnesspreneurs.

Make it a point of duty to check them out, patronize and support them.

Thanks for making out time to read this.