The average person experiences a significant amount of stress throughout their life. From growing up as a teenager with the normal hormonal ups and downs, looking for Mr or Mrs right, trying to get a good job (heck! any job), the traffic madness in Lagos or anywhere else, trying to please your boss, clients, establishing a business, scaling it, life complications, raising children; I can go on and on and the problems wouldn’t end. You sha get my drift right?

It’s absolutely difficult to live a healthy and balanced life when faced with all these stress triggers and more hence one should seek ways in managing stress to achieve a happy, calm and balanced state of mind and body.

-Get out more into nature. Heading to the park, taking an evening stroll, running, going to the beach, or anywhere outdoors is a great way to clear your thoughts, reduce tension or depression, and give you a natural high. Remember to dump your cell phone and earbuds at home or in the car.


-Learn to relax. Find a method to calm your central nervous system and mind to give stress hormones a chance to switch off, such as meditation, quiet time or exercise.

– Visit the spa. Indulge in a spa treatment like a facial (remember stress also shows on the face), massage and hydrotherapy. Make sure you ask for products that can aid you to relax and sleep better at night. Which leads to my next suggestion.


-Purchase products that can aid you to sleep better for example scented candles (think lavender), bath oils for a warm pre-night time soak, pillow mists/aromatherapy, comfortable and breathable bedsheets and eye pillows.

– Breathing. Practice slow but deep breathing. You could begin by taking three deep breaths each time you sit down at your desk or throughout the course of your day when you feel the pressure mounting. It will definitely help you become more patient, calm, and relaxed. It works all the time for me (that is when I remember to take deep breaths! Lol).

-Yoga. Get into yoga. Yoga is a very centered practice that involves both the mind and body and is great for destressing. It also improves your quality of sleep.

Extra tips. Activities like reading, watching a funny video or listening to music are also great ways of cooling off steam.

Have you got any other tips for reducing stress? Please share.

Xoxo……… Bel




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