Beauty and the Alpha Male

It is has been determined that more than 85% of a salon business’ income originates from the female populace; however men’s enthusiasm to stroll into a salon or spa has risen considerably. In the past it was the norm for just superstars to look good with great skin and all that jazz. Today, looking good all the time has become a way of life. To look great, one must be fashionable as well as give careful consideration to hair, keep up a solid facial skincare regime and also take care of exposed parts of the body for example neck, hands and feet.

Contamination, stretch and an imbalanced way of life is an everyday occurrence that affects one’s skin and hair, regardless of your sex.

Most salons and spas don’t just take into account women’s needs alone but consider men in the creation of their services and treatments. Men, especially millennials are becoming more aware of their looks and becoming noticeably more cognizant and centered about improving their looks and their appearance as per new statistical surveys.


“This improvement is to a great extent driven by our inexorably visual society where great looks are frequently connected with accomplishment” as per a report by the economic specialist, Canadean. (Hmmm, I don’t know if our Naija guys are interested in going to spas as against joining a fitness or sports group and going for their basic barbing and shaving services).

The study states that offers of men’s skincare items expanded from 453 billion exchanges in 2011 to 557 billion in 2015, which fortifies the assumption that men are paying a lot of attention to their appearance.


Picture credit: Ecopantry Skincare

Still, reports demonstrate that ladies are as yet 1.3 times likely than men to feel the pressure to look good. The research organization referred to the selfie culture as a key driver behind the rising spotlight on appearances.

So guys, for those of you that are just concerned with the basics, please know that there are other options for you to try to achieve better and clearer skin which inadvertently will lead to better selfies. xoxo

Thanks for reading.

xoxo Bel


Curated from: and Professional Spa and Wellness


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