Going green

World wide, people are paying more attention to living a natural and environmentally friendly lifestyle and this spills into their spa treatments as well. There has been a rising demand for green treatments and products made with organic ingredients by companies who are ecologically responsible. Consumers will also be paying more attention to whether your business has implemented environmentally friendly practices such as water conservation, use of organic ingredients, and proper disposal of chemicals.

Express mini treatments

Time: Nobody seems to have enough of it these days. Hence, the onslaught of express treatments, offered by the likes of Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door and numerous others. Mini treatments can mean the difference between getting in some spa time or having to give it up due to lack of scheduling and budget concerns. It can be a great way to fill in small spaces in your calendar, feature new treatments that consumers aren’t ready to commit more time to, or provide the opportunity for clients to fit more spa time into their busy schedules.

Social / Group Experience

Spas and salons have typically been focused on individual treatments. But a growing trend is toward encompassing a more social group aspect into the spa world. From mini classes on health and wellness topics to more group treatments (such as massage or manicures).

Given the unprecedented hours people work, and their paradoxically disconnected lives spent in front of screens, fitness studios and classes are becoming the place where increasingly rare human interaction takes place. And loyalty to instructors and relationships with classmates are fulfilling basic human needs to connect. For today’s fitness fanatics, the beating heart of their social circle – their fitness “tribe” – is in many ways, a life-definer.


Picture Credit: Wanderlust

Social fitness is a mega-trend, and the connection-hungry demographic will only continue to grow as long work hours and global loneliness sharpen. This trend will continue expanding beyond early adopters and go mainstream, as more people experience the value of sharing goals, values, support, get-healthy tactics and time with a fitness family.

Beauty DIYs

Consumers are no longer just treatment-oriented they are always looking for ways to extend their treatments and have them last longer. They are also looking for ways to make a spa lifestyle more affordable. DIY treatments that they can do themselves at home are a rapidly growing segment of the spa and salon industry. Whether it is customized hair color that they can take home to touch up their roots or a special facial mask that will help them extend the benefits of their facial, there are many different opportunities for creating DIY treatments.

Wellness traditions from the Islamic world

There is no more powerful consumer trend across the developed world than the hunger for all things authentic and indigenous, impacting what we now most want to eat (the latest global “superfoods” and ancient grains), to where we most want to travel (suddenly a far wider, exotic map). It’s why the spa/wellness scene is increasingly a global village, with approaches like Indian Ayurveda and yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine now embraced worldwide.

Wellness traditions of the wide Islamic world offer–with 1,000+ years of sophisticated, nature-based traditional medical systems and countless beauty solutions and body treatments. And this is a vast “wellness” map that stretches from Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE to North African nations like Morocco and Egypt to Sub-Saharan countries like Nigeria and Sudan to Central Asian states like Turkey or Kazakhstan  and  Southeast Asian nations like Indonesia and Malaysia.

Many people are only familiar with a handful of traditions…a few Middle Eastern super-spices…that Moroccan argan oil in their hair…a Turkish hammam. Spafinder predicts that more of the world will experience nutritional, preventative health, beauty and “spa” traditions central to Islamic worlds in 2015 and beyond  as more Middle Eastern/African spas are moving beyond “Asian” menus, to go deeper into indigenous ingredients, medicines, treatments and design– even though they might not even know it.

Read more on Wellness traditions from the Islamic world at: http://content.spafinder.com/wellness-traditions-islamic-world






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